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I am married to an Accountant. On So Oddly Dreamlike, he is known as Daddy. Daddy is a super fun, gentle giant with a big heart. We're like kids really, just grown up.

I have a weakness for footwear, Daddy is the contributor of the comfy ones that look ugly. Nowadays I go for form and comfort but you'd be surprised.. comfy shoes can be pretty!

Part of the footwear collection

I dabbled a lot with make up / skincare. I have plenty of products to play with and know it when something will work. I used to be incapable of stepping out of the home without a fully primed face, motherhood has greatly reduced the amount of time I can afford on myself so I find myself exploring products / techniques that are effective yet time efficient.

Clockwise from left: 1/5 of the makeup & skincare collection, fully primed face, easy 5 minutes makeup
Daddy and I love food, more me than Daddy actually. He complains about the weight gain but would joyfully explore all kinds of gastromic delights with me.. so long as I'm the one who decides what to eat. I also love to cook whilst Daddy loves to clean up (he's got to love it:P).

I had vocal lessons since 2003 and used to sing on a part time basis for 5 years.  During those 5years, at least one day of my weekends were spent singing and/or practicing with the band. I got to know some of my best friends from the performing. Those were fun times and glorious days. I still sing for leisure and the vocal training came in useful for those children's songs I now do exclusively for a certain little girl.

The most difficult thing I have ever done in my life was to grit my teeth and insist on breastfeeding the little girl. Especially in the early, critical months when I was so exhausted that every single time I nursed, I wanted to stop the breastfeeding right there and right then. Now, nursing is no longer a chore, it is an enjoyment. Joy Joy is best of friends with my breasts and very emotionally attached to me. The little girl caresses my face and plays with my hair when she nurses, she also enjoys the skin to skin contact so much that she has a need to hold and touch me. Nursing gives me an overwhelming sense of love and immense satisfaction at being able to nourish and  comfort my precious baby. Best. Feeling. Ever.

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