About So Oddly Dreamlike

Evolution of So Oddly Dreamlike

At the time I started blogging on So Oddly Dreamlike, life was relatively carefree and a little surreal. Hence the name "So Oddly Dreamlike". My older content have been exported but the work in progress is to revive some of them.

During my pregnancy, I took to writing on a blog called "I'm now a mummy", intended to capture everything I want to remember about motherhood. I later moved INAM to another blog called "The Family Room" but I realized from these moves, that my element is still here on So Oddly Dreamlike. I just happened to have a baby I love very much and I write often about her.


So Oddly Dreamlike does not record what I do everyday. I am interested in a vast array of topics.. travel, fashion, books, cooking, parenting, music, beauty, interior decor, household management, food, penny pinching and many more.

As a new parent, I am inclined to blog about parenting. As the little girl grows up, I can feel my own excitement because there are more and more activities we can do with the little girl and more places we can explore together.

I have been pinning interior decor ideas on my pinterest. It is a visual representation of what I would like to do with our new home. I have also organized household management tips on pinterest, we'd know if they work when I try them out!


All photos on this blog are taken by me, unless otherwise credited. I capture the moments with either my iPhone 4 or my Canon Ixus. More the former.

The backgrounds of my photos are often the messy room that we live in. Colors of my photos may be garish but i'd like to keep things as they are sometimes. If not for me, then for the little girl, so she'd have these visuals for when she grow up and wonders what it was like when she was little.

Simple Glossary of terms

"Grandma" refers to the little Girl's paternal grandmother.
"Grandpa" refers to the little Girl's paternal grandfather

Intellectual Property

© Copyright 2001 - 2013 | Unless otherwise stated, all content on sooddlydreamlike.blogspot.sg are intellectual property belonging to the blog owner and are protected by international copyright laws. Reproduction, republishing, adaptation, modification, duplication or transmission of any photo or content without prior written consent from the blog owner are unauthorised.

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